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Making Grief Support Accessible to Everyone

One to Another in Oregon City, OR provides resources, like books and DVDs, about recovering from grief. We hope that with these, even if you can’t attend our classes or support groups, you can still work on your healing process.

*All suggested donations for resource materials include shipping and handling.

Grief Release Online Training Videos - all 5 classes and more! (Price: Now Just $99!)

Whether you or someone you know needs healing but can’t be physically present in our classes, our Grief Release online training can be of great help. Click Here to sign up.

Grief Release Workbook (Price: $10)

You can work through your emotions with or without the video/audio tapes with our Grief Release workbook. It contains various weekly projects and helpful suggestions that will guide you throughout your recovery process.

Beyond Grief Release Workbook (Price: $10)

Part of the Grief Release series, this workbook fosters a more in-depth and personal time of working through closure and other grief work. Although it is available for purchase, it is highly suggested to still attend classes since the exercises’ focus is on interaction.

“How to Say Goodbye: Working Through Personal Grief” (Price: $16)

Whether you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, going through a breakup, or feeling disappointed because of an unfulfilled expectation, the process of grieving remains the same. The question is: how do you rebuild a broken heart?

“How to Say Goodbye: Working Through Personal Grief” is a practical manual based on the Grief Release classes, which have helped thousands recover from the pain of loss. Each chapter illustrates a step-by-step healing process, and teaches you how to embrace life again.

“How to Say Goodbye: Working Through Personal Grief” helps you:

  • Give yourself permission to grieve
  • Handle holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days
  • Deal with anger, guilt, frustration, and other emotions
  • Develop a support system and find the “new normal” that embraces life after loss

What Readers Say

“Joanne and Ron Petrie have written one of the best books on grief that I have seen. Their perceptions on our broken world are realistic and their understanding of emotions is refreshing.”
- Christine Wrytzen

"Although my loss was a long time ago, I learned how to work through my grief."

- Pat T.

"The book helped me out of the valley of fear, despair and self pity."

Bob J.

" How to Say Goodbye related to my grief.  It was personal and touching.  I have recommended the book to several people and they have been helped to understand they are not alone in their grief."

- Claire L.

How to Order Your Copy of “How to Say Goodbye: Working Through Personal Grief”

You may send your check or money order for $16.00 (shipping and handling fee included) to:

One to Another
11973 LeAnn Marie Lane
Oregon City, OR 97045

You may also contact us through phone at 503-771-4341; or via email at

Into the Cave: When Men Grieve (Price: $16.00)

This book is based on the experiences and observations of someone who has gone through and is still recovering from grief. The author hopes that this piece will help readers see the difference between the grieving process of men and women; and give them insight, understanding, and direction through tough times.

What Readers Say

“Dr. Ron Petrie writes with personal insights this much needed book, Into the Cave: When Men Grieve. Dr. Petrie uses his writing talents combined with his own real life experiences of loss to address the topic of grief in a way men can understand.
This book is a must read for any man who has suffered the tragedy of loss from one who has been there, and recognized the void of useful grief material for men. Dr. Petrie’s book is a practical, easy reading masterpiece that offers men a useful tool to help the experience the healing of a broken heart that often seems so evasive and impossible to attain.”

- Pastor Bill Griggs, Senior Pastor
Clackamas Valley Baptist Church

“I found Into the Cave: When Men Grieve to be right on the mark as to how I’ve seen men grieve during my twenty years as a funeral director. I’m amazed that Ron could put so much valuable information into so few pages. I wasn’t ready to put it down; I wanted Ron to share more of his thought.”
- Randy Tjaden, Funeral Director
President, Cascade Funeral directors, Inc.
President of Oregon Funeral Directors Association

“This is a must read for any man facing loss or attempting to help another going through the valley of the shadow death. Into the Cave: When Men Grieve is the most insightful book I have read on the subject of grief for men. I was moved by Ron’s stirring story and found helpful and specific steps to spiritual and emotional recover.”
- Reverend Bill Wilson, Senior Pastor
Portland Christian Center, Portland, OR

“Ron is absolutely right about how differently men and women deal with grief. My husband and I had totally different experiences about the loss of our twin sons. I hope that both men and women read this book. Into the Cave: When Men Grieve will help men accept their grief as part of living and give them positive ways of dealing with grief.
It will give women an understanding about how men grieve differently. Ron’s revelations about the grieving process are a significant contribution to mankind.”

- Mary Kollman Bell

“The difference between male and female grief is conveyed in an honest and open format. Into the Cave: When Men Grieve is refreshing. To be able to understand from a man’s point of view the tremendous loss the death of a spouse presents. As a widow, I’ve known my pain but I have often wondered if men felt differently. Thank you for your open reflections and honesty.”
- Linda M. Haddon
President of Care Foundation

About the Author

Dr. Ron Petrie received his advanced degrees in Guidance and Counseling and Educational Psychology from Oregon State University. He was a professional educator for 39 years who worked at the local, state, and national levels as an administrator, teacher, and counselor. He is also the former Dean of the School of Education at Portland State University.

In 1997, he joined his wife, Joanne (Smith) Petrie, who is a Certified Bereavement Councilor and Hospice Chaplain and the founder of One to Another Ministry, in teaching Grief Release classes.

About the Author

They also host an hour-long, weekly radio talk show called, “One to Another” on K.P.D.Q. radio in Portland, Oregon. This show focuses on helping others through their grieving process. The couple also wrote the book “How to Say Goodbye: Working Through Personal Grief.”

How to Order Your Copy of “Into the Cave: When Men Grieve”

You may send your check or money order for $16.00 (shipping and handling fee included) to:

One to Another
11973 LeAnn Marie Lane
Oregon City, OR 97045

You may also contact us through phone at 503-771-4341; or via email at