Journey of Hope 2024

This half-day seminar is for women who have experienced loss, are in transition, or who want a new normal.

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Rediscovering Life After a Great Loss

Rediscovering Life After a Great Loss

“Grief is the process of putting back together the pieces of a broken heart. A hole so deep in the middle of your heart that it aches and hurts. You think you’ll never stop hurting.” – Joanne Petrie

One to Another traces its humble beginnings to 1979. Joanne Smith Petrie and her late husband Duane founded the organization with a single goal in mind: to allow men and women to meet people in the same circumstances and find someone who can understand their pain

In 1997, Joanne married Dr. Ron Petrie and developed additional programs for their small organization. They facilitated Grief Release classes and Journeys of Hope seminars, produced books and DVDs about grief, and hosted a weekly radio program.

To this day, Joanne and Ron offer these programs. The couple hopes that through One to Another, people will find a place where they can heal, grow, and explore their untapped potential.

The Petries are also available for one-day grief seminars and classes as well as speaking engagements. Their clients include but are not limited to churches, groups, and individuals who are helping people recover from loss.

For those who are unable to join classes or seminars, a weekly podcast is available. You can listen here.