Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel

At One to Another in Oregon City, OR, we aim to give hope to people who are experiencing or have experienced great loss in their lives. Through classes and support groups, we have helped many people begin their journey toward healing and rise above their grief. Read on to learn what people have to say about One to Another.


Grief Release Classes

  • “When I was so stuck in my grief you not only were there, but pulled me through to the other side.”
  • “Your class has changed me forever! I am a new person who has hope for a fantastic future!”
  • “Completing my ritual in the Beyond Grief Release class was when my real breakthrough came. Amazing seems to be the only word to describe this unbelievable experience.”
  • “I’ve learned so much about myself and am so glad I was able to have you “walk” with me through my grief.”
  • “Both the Grief Release and Beyond Grief Release classes have been inspiring and refreshing for me!”
  • “This class was so valuable to me. The content, ideas, and the way the materials are presented is extremely helpful. You are a compassionate, caring person and you connect well with your students.”
  • “This class caused me to sit down and really think about the losses I have experienced in life so I can move forward.”
  • “I am in the process of allowing myself the time and permission now to really grieve each loss and to move forward with new normal.”

Friend to Friend

  • “Her speaking re-energized me along with laughter and tears which is all good!”
  • “You demonstrate the discipleship I believe Jesus has called us to.”
  • “Life giving, precious, loving, joyful, hopeful, helpful, singing.”

Uninvited Class

  • “This class has been exactly what I needed. I’ve learned so much from this class!”
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